Inmode Votiva

What is Votiva?

Inmode Votiva is a safe, effective treatment for feminie health that offers immediate results with continued improvement over time.

How does Votiva work?

Votiva uses gentle radio frequency to create thermal tissue remodelling for internal and external benefits. The thickened stimulated collagen strengthens vaginal muscles to support pelvic floor and plumps out the wrinkled appearance of the labia and vulva.

What can I expect?

Patients can expect to feel a heating sensation during treatment. Results can be felt and seen immediately with continued results over a period of time. There is little to no downtime. Some patients may have slight discomfort but most feel no discomfort at all. Patients should avoid sexual activity for 7 days after and  wear sanitary towels rather than the application of a tampon. Avoiding strenuous exercise or heat treatments including hot baths is recommend for 72 hours post treatment.

How many sessions are required?

The majority of patients require 2-3 sessions every 4-6 weeks, however most notice a difference after one.

Preparation for treatment

Patients must bring a copy of their results from a recent smear and sexual health test. Its is preferred if the area is hair free for all treatments.

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