Inmode Mini FX

MiniFX™ is a powerful, highly-effective, non-invasive technique designed to tackle small yet problematic bulges without surgery or downtime! By harnessing the amazing power of radiofrequency energy, coupled with deep tissue heating and negative pressure massage, in a specially-designed hand-piece perfect for treating smaller and hard-to-reach areas, MiniFX™ delivers powerful shaping to reduce small pockets of unwanted fat resulting in smoother, slimmer, tighter skin!

Just like the larger BodyFX™ system, MiniFX™ focuses powerful radiofrequency energy precisely at unwanted fatty tissue, which absorbs the energy as heat. This heating mechanism, coupled with the gentle tissue massage delivered by the proprietary hand-piece, destroys the fat cells and causes tissue contraction. It also stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen, which helps the tissues of the skin look smoother, tighter, and more toned.

While BodyFX™ is ideal for larger pockets of fatty tissue along the abdomen and thighs, MiniFX™ utilizes a smaller hand-piece specifically designed to deliver this powerful body-shaping energy to smaller areas of fat cell accumulation, such as so-called “bra fat” along the upper back. It is also an ideal way to treat submental fullness, the accumulation of fat underneath the chin leading to the appearance of a “double chin”, as well as other areas of the body that are difficult to reach with less specialized technology.

Your MiniFX™ treatment can be performed in the comfortable, welcoming environment without the need for anesthesia. During the treatment, the hand-piece is precisely applied to the treatment area, during which you may feel a pulling sensation and a mild warming. The MiniFX™ hand-piece constantly monitors the temperature of surrounding tissue to ensure highly-effective results without the risk of overheating or burns, making this amazing technology safe for even delicate areas like the chin. You can return to your normal activities immediately, and will likely notice rapid improvement in the treatment areas. However, for optimal results, we usually recommend a series of up to eight weekly sessions.

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