Inmode Forma Plus

Forma Plus Advanced body remodelling – Tone and refine your body

A safe and comfortable non surgical solution to refine and reverse skin laxity

What is Forma Plus?

Plus uses fractionated radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen production for body remodelling. After plus treatment you can achieve a more youthful and toned skin contour.

Is Forma Plus for me?

Plus is recommended for individuals who are looking for a non invasive skin treatment to address targeted areas that require contraction. Plus can be used to reduce texture irregularities in lax skin to provide a lifted appearance. Plus is safe and can be used on all skin types and tones.

What results will I see and feel?

Durning treatment most patients feel a heating and tightening sensation of target area. Patients over time will notice a reduction in the folds of their skin leading to a smoother contour of their body. Textural irregularities will even out and sagging skin will appear more toned.

How does Forma Plus work?

Plus was created and based on the development of ACE technology to target deep in skin and maximise results.

What areas can be treated?

Plus can be used on most body areas, the most common areas are upper arms, knees and abdomen

Will it hurt?

Plus is painless and has no downtime. A thin layer of gel is applied to the area and the gentle heat can feel like a relaxing hot stone massage. Patients may see slight redness in the treatment area which will lessen in the hours after treatment, all patients are able to return to their daily activities after treatment.

How many sessions are required

Typically, weekly sessions are recommended over a 6-8week period. Individuals with slight laxity may require fewer sessions with more weeks in between. Scheduling should be based on pre evaluation. Best results will be noticed over time or series of treatments.

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